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Default Old RC guy gets re-bitten!

I am a former RC (gas) flier and have competed at the pattern flying level. I have not flown in about 15 years, but am interested in getting into Electrics so I can fly in my back yard (not big enough for gas). I realize that I can't use my 40 to 60 sized planes for e-flight, so a new plane is a given (looking at the 'Twist 3D 480 ARF'). I also realize that I will need micro RX, micro batteries, electric motor, an electronic speed controller (ESC). However I need to conserve money and want to use whatever I already have (I just could not part with my old stuff, so I have all of it). I got a small quad copter as a gift and have been flying it around the back yard lots of fun, but not as fun as airplane flying! I'm afraid I've been bitten by the bug again!

I have a few questions I hope you all can help me with.

I have several Futaba radios dating from the early 90s. The servos are all 'standard sized' and are all 'narrow banded'.

Can I simply get a micro receiver that matches the frequency of my radio and just buy micro on-board batteries, RX and servos and use my radio? It seems that everyone is using the bind-and-fly system (my quad copter has it and I like it).

Any help you all can give me in getting back into model flight will be greatly appreciated!!
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