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So far as I know, there is no such chart of equivalence. However, you can compare the power ratings in watts and the Kv rating to come out ballpark close, which is all a chart could do anyway.

So take the Power Up 25 Sport. There are two Power Up 25s, a sport and a speed version. The sport version is rated at 620 watts and is 900Kv. We'll arbitrarily choose that one.

There are also multiple Turnigy 3542 1000Kv motors. We'll take the Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 3542 1000Kv. It's rated at 670W and 1000Kv. So it may be just a bit more powerful.

Then you have to take into consideration that the Chinese motors tend to be rated higher than their capabilities. Having an SK3 myself I know they're pretty honestly rated, but you don't know that. So you would run it at 620W safely and would have a motor that is fairly equivalent to that Power Up 25 Sport.

By the way, when Heads Up tells you the rating of their motor, they aren't taking the word of the manufacturer. They TEST and publish their test results. If they say that's a 620W motor you can take it to the bank.
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