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Default Lanier RC Stinger 10 Kit - Help me build one!

Hello All,

Some one at my club was unloading some old kits and I picked this one up and another 2M sailplane for cheap. It seems to be a cute sport plane right up my alley.

There does not seem to be a lot of info on this plane, so I'm looking for all of the help I can get.

Let me start by saying, I'm not really planning on starting on the build until flying season gets done. This is usually after we end daylight savings time because that's when flying after work is no longer possible...

The Stinger was originally designed for a 10 sized nitro but I'm going electric. I'm planning on doing what I can to take our as much weight as possible. The 36 in wing span is not that big and I'd like to end up with a nice flying plane. There isn't a list of included components for me to check to make sure everything is really here, but it seems complete after a quick look thru the instructions and plans.

Some areas where I might be able to save weight are:
1. Lightening holes in the Solid Balsa Fuselage sides and tail feathers.
2. Replace some of the heavy plastic parts with balsa. (Fuse top, wheel pants and cowl)
3. Replace heavy balsa a with better grade / lighter balsa.
4. Replace the landing gear with something lighter.

This plane has a solid Styrofoam wing which needs balsa sheeting applied. This is a process I've never done, so I'll need some ideas when this rolls around.

Then there's the electronics/motor selection still to do... I have a bunch of stuff already that I think could work.
Motor - EMP 35-36 1100 KV 450 Watt (Too much ??, but may need the weight up front anyway)
ESC - E-Max 40 Amp ESC with Switch mode BEC
Servos - PowerUp AS181MG (Metal Analog) 9gm sized

I've wanted to do an E-conversion of an existing plane, and now I can try it without much investment at all.

Looking forward to the building season!


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