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Default DX6i and settings loss

My DX6i just played a nasty game on me. I had a good morning flying on Sunday, finishing up with the Formosa. On Monday my wife told me my radio was beeping. Sure enough low batt alarm was going, must have left it on by mistake after the last flight. Charged it back up fully and brought it and the Formosa today (Tuesday) for some lunchtime flying.

When I plugged in the flight battery, the rudder went full lock to the right and the right aileron went full up. What the %^&$!!!, it didn't do the Sunday! I started looking at the settings: the timer was wrong, the dual rate and expo settings were wrong, the elevator was reversed, and worse, there was a strange rudder-throttle mix in Mix1 and Mix2. I set everything back right and flew without further problem.

In the heat of the moment those mixes didn't register, but on reflection I realized they looked like the throttle - rudder mixes I use on my P-38 to give some differential throttle control. Checking the P-38 settings confirmed this exactly. The D/R & Expo settings, the timer, and the reversed elevator servo, all normal for that plane, were what had shown up on the Formosa.

So it seems that when the radio battery got to a very low charge state, it lost the settings for the model last flown (Formosa) and grabbed settings from the next model in the list (P-38). I wouldn't have expected this, I would think that at worst it would go back to the defaults. At least those mixes caused obviously wrong control deflections that warned me off before I tried to launch. Has anyone else had anything like this happen?

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