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Angry a 2.4 transmitter challenge

Before I completely give up and sell everything out of frustration, I am wondering; is there a 2.4 GHZ transmitter which has the basic simplicity of 72MHZ? ALL I really need is...
  • A good range and signal strength/dependability.
  • 5, maybe 6 channels, no more.
  • Enough memory for 5 different models.
  • Digital trim tabs.
  • V-tail and Elevon mixing.
  • Servo reversing on all channels.
  • End point adjustments.
  • Dual and exponential rates.
  • Flapperon/spoileron capability.

...and as little more beyond that as possible. IOW, what you used to get with a basic 72MHz computer radio. Which I currently, but will soon no longer be able to enjoy. Why? Because 72MHz is not merely becoming a special interest item, it seems it is being deliberately assassinated (just try and find a Berg MicroStamp receiver these days). Now before y'all tell me "Well, why not just upgrade to 2.4GHz", all the 2.4 stuff I see advertised and talked about is so grotesquely overfeatured and overly complex it just frustrates me.

So here's the challenge, find me a 2.4 GHz transmitter with as few features as possible beyond what I have listed above, which has programming that is basic and easy to learn, remember and use. I absolutely do NOT want a hand held super computer that will do all my flying for me! I don't want it to tell me my plane's most intimate thoughts while it's in the air. Or play music, talk to me, make phone calls or remotely satisfy all my S.O.s urges while I am busy in my workshop.

I just want a basic, simple to use transmitter. Assuming such a thing even exists anymore.

Does it?

OK, I got my "drone licence"...
When does the season start and what Ammo can I use?
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