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Default Folding Prop Source

I have decided to try putting a folding prop on my Noob Tube and probably my almost completed Photon. I tried my local r/c shop but they had only had one selection for a Radon. They said they could order one but I thought I would be able to easily find a source. Tower Hobbies had what I wanted but when I went to place the order they said delivery would be Sept 3 to the 9th!! I thought this was pitiful and cancelled the order.

Did more online searching and really didn't come up with what I am after which surprised me. I want something around 6" diameter and 9" diameter with the mounting hubs for a 3.17(that is what the specs say) motor shaft.

Please direct me someplace so that I can get this next step in place and try it out. Tnx, FF
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