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Default you got to be kidding,no fly zone friday&saturday!!!

hey gang,
i took thurs and friday off from work to get some r&r......went to the field to sit around and chat with a few buds and even though it's windy[10 TO 15MPH+] i got 4 flights in on the 260 extra and electrifly 540t edge. .

then the bad news flying do to vip traffic from 1pm friday through all of saturday....

we are on the edge of the government declared noflyzone and that means we are all grounded since the club president says we obey the rules even though we shouldn't worry. what really sucks is i took 2 days off to go to fly today,and go to the beach friday with my wife and daughter and hoped to go flying saturday weather permitting.

i'm home now.....there are 3 weed like trees growing alongside my house around 25 ft tall....i am going to gas up the chainsaw i hardly ever use,maybe put on a a hockey goalie mask and full length black leather jacket resembling the "chainsaw massacre guy and tear those trees to shreds my neighbors will think i'm crazy when doing this while i'm yelling "DIE YOU NO FLY F'ER'S WHO MAKE THIS HAPPEN ON LABOR DAY WEEKEND!!!!

edit: after reading a few jokes here on humor forums,i'v decided not to dress up and curse the government while cutting down the,instead i will just kill them quietly and think of the stupid noflyzone rule makers,maybe now i won't cut my leg of in a rage of slaughterous anger taken out on a few hapless trees.

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