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Default Servo Connector Information

A number of my club members are flying gas or glow powered models. And, more than a few of them have had "I Ain't Got It" crashes over the past year or two.

One of my club members asked me to run a battery analysis on a battery pack that was installed in a model that lost all radio communication.

As received, this battery 1200 Mah Nicad battery pack was tested at 2.5 Amps. The first run showed that the pack had 650 Mah stored in it. After a 12 hour charge at 120 milliamperes, the battery was retested, and showed 1250 Mah.

My Western Mountain CBAII analyzer showed a few blips on the discharge curve, and sure enough, the servo connector was rather warm. Worse, just touching the connector resulted in the CBAII analyzer shutting off due to low voltage.

The battery connector was checked with a digital scale for contact pressure. It only took 1.2 ounces of force to move one of the pins after it was inserted into the connector. I tried several more insertion tests on other servo connectors from the same manufacturer. And got the same results.


A similar test was conducted on a Maxx Products connector, using the same pin for insertion. The force required to move the Maxx products pin was 13 ounces.

Take a look at the two different styles of connectors. Based on this information, I'll NEVER use the "No Name" connectors in any of my models after doing the contact pressure test.

This information will be especially useful for anyone flying big gasser or glow powered models, along with the vibration levels that exist with these power plants.

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