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Default Hubsan X4 questions

I've recently damaged a Hubsan X4 by hitting a cable with it and it fell hard about 30' onto an asphalt parking lot. It landed upside down and the blades were turning wide open, so I had to disconnect the power wires to shut it down. After that when the power wires are connected the blue LEDs blink alternating left and right, then when the transmitter is turned on they blink together. The transmitter LED turns green saying they are communicating, but the copter won't respond and the blue LEDs keep blinking. Can anyone tell me if there's a way to fix whatever is wrong?
Also, I don't have whatever it takes to make the camera work. There's a slot to insert something but I don't have it, and if it came in the package I accidentally threw it away without ever seeing it. Can anyone tell me what to get in order to get the camera working, and also if there are any tricks I need to know about?

Thank you for any help!
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