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Default iCharger 106B question - 4.20 cells showing 12.81V? Also low voltage from CPU power

Hey guys, I'm new to this iCharger, but the main display shows a battery voltage of 12.81V when it's charging, even though the individual cells are showing 4.19V right now. I have it set to turn off at 12.60V, so why is the main screen showing 12.81V? I know the individual cells total is 12.57 so that makes sense, just don't understand why the displayed total voltage is so much higher.

Also, I must of missed a step in putting this CPU power supply together because the chargers indicating an input voltage of 11.80V @ 1.5A, how is it charging the battery to 12.60V with that low of an input voltage? Forgive my ignorance here.

Any idea how to read those output numbers off the power supply?

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