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Looks similar but completely different and better setup.

1- Modified the servo to be continuous rotation. I also did the necessary modification to be able to read the shaft position via potentiometer. I have a 180 degree sweep instead of the previous 120 degrees.
2- Revised the code to accommodate the new servo. In the new setup, I donít need to write the servo value 300 times every cycle to drive the servo. All I am doing is reading the shaft position and reversing the direction whenever the shaft hits 800 value on the top and 200 on the bottom. I am reading the sensors at certain positions based on the potentiometer readings.
3- Added GPS.
These changes made the unit way more responsive as the code is not jammed like before.
With the new GPS, I will not have to intervene all the time. In the first flights, I will activate the GPS right after takeoff and test the sensors. I will look into getting a sonar for the altitude hold. The only problem is that I am using all digital ports in the current setup. So, I will need to find an analog sonar if it exists.

I also ordered a barometric sensor to modulate the approach speed and enable altitude hold for higher altitudes.

Hoping the test the current setup in flight soon.

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