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Originally Posted by Jimigunne View Post
Yea, i will switch from edf to prop. I already have a 1100 mah 3c lipo. What would be a good source for prop and 2200 kv motor? I am not familiar with that term datum line....is it the same as cg?
Hobby King or RC Timer are good sources if outside USA.

I suggested 2200kv motor because its a motor that can punch out good power but keeping prop small... 6x4 .. 6x5 on 3S...


Another motor is the Floaterjet motor .. less KV - but excellent for this job ... again on a 6x4 or 7x3.5 .... I actually have twin Floaterjet motors on my TU144 cartoon jet ... its heavy - but she flies well...


My ASW28 ... 2m span and about similar weight at about 700gr all up - has a 32xx size motor but low KV and folding 10x6 prop ... on anything more than 60% throttle she climbs rapidly ... (fitted by manufacturer !)

Datum line is the line drawn horizontally along the fuselage that represents the level that flight forces balance out ...

Where the line vertically through CoG crosses the Datum line, is where the model actually pivots in pitch.
You can now see that placing motive thrust above causes the model to nose DOWN unless sufficient angle of motor is built in to compensate. If you view a motor pylon glider - you will see a significant angle is needed.

It is also why most aircraft have their engines mounted in line with fuselage ...

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