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New version of Wayne Giles' battery internal resistance tester
The official new ESR/IR Mark II meter thread – NB: READ THE FIRST 10 POSTS - RCG

Originally Posted by jj604, John Julian
For almost 10 years the Wayne Giles designed, LiPo ESR/IR meter has been the gold standard on which modellers who are serious about preserving the life of their expensive LiPos, getting packs with the best performance, and sorting out the marketing rubbish on the label from the real performance of a LiPo have relied. The meter measures the Effective Series Resistance or “Internal Resistance" of each cell in a LiPo pack. This provides a direct measure of relative cell condition and comparative pack performance. Used in conjunction with a very simple web based “LiPoTool” the meter provides an extremely fast non-destructive indication of the sensible maximum current limit for any model LiPo to preserve its life and avoid overheating. It has brought some sanity to the often outrageous claims of C-rate on the label of some vendor’s packs.

Almost 1900 of these meters are in use worldwide and now…….

There is a new version with the same accuracy and reliability - but much quicker and more convenient to use. It is a development of Wayne’s design by well known RCGroups modeler Rick Distler (rampman) who has been making the original version for some years now. ...

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