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I have left my batteries plugged in a couple of times and totally discharged them. With my cellpro 4, when you plug them in you get a low battery message. If you leave them plugged in and change the screen to the voltage/cell screen you will see that it is trickle charging individual cells. Leave it for several hrs and the voltage on all the cells will clime. When you get to 3 volts per cell the charger will continue to charge the battery as normal. I have recovered 3 batteries this way.

I have also read that you can charge the battery on a NiCa charger at @ 2amps for 10 minutes or so until the voltage comes up to 3 volts / cell and then finish charging on any LiPo charger. Don't leave the battery unattended while on the NiCa charger.

If I was you I would give this a try before I threw the battery away. I have had a couple of 2100 that puffed a little and they worked fine for many charges afterwords.
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