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Originally Posted by Dereck View Post
Welcome aboard Syd
FIrst off, if you're used to larger IC powered models, you may be fascinated, nay - amazed - by how lightly a small electric model can be built.
2lb is a little hefty for your model, plus your Rimfire 10 could be a little excessive.

Your next step is a smaller motor. Perhaps not a bad idea, as you certainly seem to have an excess of grunt up front right now. That would require more spending and perhaps some Very Hard Sums though Let's try and get your 10 to play with a spherical object first.

And please - put the servos back inside. ..

Don't expect too much. Regretably, we fly small models in standard sized air and those effectively bigger molecules don't do such a good job of holding up smaller flying machines.

Keep us posted. You've done a good looking little model there

Thank you Dereck (and all others as well!) for your well considered input.

I chuckled reading your suggestions, I appreciate your sense of humor. ..Especially the bit about moving the servos back inside ..Though I knew it would spoil the plane's appearance, I did it because I wanted to keep the wing bolted to the fuse and still be able to make changes to the linkages. When I tested the balance of the plane before covering it, it seemed to balance in the range even with the servos all the way aft. ..But you're right, they do look rather clunky. ..And yes, I have a lot to learn about building light.

I flew it today and before doing so I clipped cut the 10x4.5" prop down to 9" (not a great idea, I know, but I was careful and re-balanced afterward). ..It seemed to have helped but it was such a breezy day that i flew only a few circuits before deciding it would be best to land her and wait for a better day.

If I replace the motor, is there one you would recommend? ..And could it run using the 3cell and 35amp ESC (Electrifly) that I currently have?

thanks again to all
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