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Hi Syd
Good to hear you've moved upwards and onwards (in a positive fashion )

The 2S looks to be the way to go. That way, you're not messing with fitting motors into a model that is maybe has a different size of mounting in there.

Next comes sorting out your prop. This gets fun, more so as it involves trying props. Lots of props, drawersful of props. I have about twice as many props as most hobby shops.

After a lot of messing around over a few years, they are all APC, APC-E and APC Slow flier props. That could be a hint

But move carefully. You've dropped to 2S, so whatever prop is going round some slower than before, for a given throttle setting. Accepting that you're going to either spend on another motor - Jeff at Headsup RC is a good go-to source for stuff and info - or tinker lots, the first prop change may involve a shorter diameter at the same pitch you've been flying at - it will be more efficient than a cut-down. Next, oddly enough, comes upping the pitch - though this could mean flying even more at reduced throttle settings. May sound odd, but for this kind of model, a higher pitch at lower RPM can work.

How's about a smaller 2S battery, if you can maintain your CG with less battery weight?

Another great source of e-power info is Ken Myers' internet newsletter 'Ampeer':

Ken and his buddies have been doing this e-power flying thing for a long while, there's a lot of knowledge by some of the best around that site. Plus its a good read

Changing incidences etc on plans and kits is only for those who do know better . The two safe routes are to build kits and plans exactly, and then you can fuss about the designer's incompetency later, if needed, or draw up your own plans.

You then know who is the incompetent to fuss at when things go wrong...


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