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Thanks again Dereck!

I'm going to take your advice and try a 2-cell Lipo and experiment with different props. ..And for the reasons you mentioned. ..It's much easier than removing the motor, etc.. And I'll peruse the Ken Myer's site that you've recommended.

As for your advice regarding CG and wing-incidence, I agree wholeheartedly. I didn't intend to tamper with the incidence, it just became apparent that I had done something to screw up the 1-degree that was engineered into the model. While preparing the model to be covered I must have over-sanded the front half of the wing-saddle thus increasing incidence to 2 or 3 degrees. Then, to compound matters, I added foam tape to the wing saddle which seemed to cause the trailing edge of the wing to droop a bit thus increasing the incidence even further. So I'm guessing that the incidence was probably a positive 4-5 degrees before I figured out it was contributing to the problem and fixed it. These darn tiny planes!!! ..I'm coming to find that my little screw-ups are twice as bad when the plane is so small.

This little struggle aside, I'm loving the idea of using an electric motor instead of a glow engine. Once I arrive at the field, I'm up and flying in 30 seconds. This is a revelation!! And I truly love the fact that the motor doesn't vibrate the airframe apart, and I don't have an oily residue all over the plane afterwards causing covering to lift up or soaking into and weakening the airframe. ..So, power-wise, I think I'm a convert to electric. However, size-wise, I may be heading back to .60-.90 and up planes after this. For one thing, it's driving me nuts having to wait for calm days. ..My larger models were still fun to fly in anything less than 20mph winds. ..But this little plane becomes "un-fun" with anything more than 8 or 9mph.

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