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Default Walkera V120D02 Flybarless CP Micro Heli, Super !

After the Coaxial experience, soon becomes boring and you want something more. Fixed Pitch are defintely a good next step, you'll keep reading some feel the CP is easier to fly then some FP. I'm somewhere between that statement. But be warned a CP is the acrobatic venture, highly responsive, a few new pilots fail to even hover these.

But for a starter, especially if you really like thes micro minis, here's a great example whats out there.

Having issues with the EFlite new flybarless release micro, still waiting for main blade grips, so elected to try the completely RTF version of the V120D02.

I'm delighted with this entry, its been out a short while and proven model, hover is increadible and delightful. I have flown CP models, not acrobatic, but can hover these beasts and its really a trip. Rotation is faster and they will zip away with wrong inputs so be warned.

But this is the new flybarless model couldn't wait to give one of these a try. Concerned it would be abit unsteady, but thats not the case at all, simply very effiecient flyers. Hovers like a dream and can fly the mini micros inside. They are something...

Here's my maiden outside to get the feel for this one, it 360'D on me as crevice on the pavement but went right up to a solid hover ! Again I've flown some CP'S so not entirely new at this, but will say right off this ones a treat. Now hovering easily in the living room.

Only advice is have extra batteries, its loads of fun.

The canopy is extremely attractive, its a winner for me

So when your ready, give this puppie a very strong thumbs up again especially if your enjoying the Mini Micros as I....Good Luck !!

Few bucks more you get the RTF Version, it hovered right out of the box !

My outside maiden, now flying in the living room, its hovers beautifully..

Again caution this is not the beginner heli, but a solid Mini Micro CP Flyer Indeed ...And its the latest, FLYBARLESS....

Psssst again I'm still new to these models, the acrobatic switch was incorrectly on, found the directions could be more user friendly, but it didn't fire up and gave warning beeps something was amiss. Quickly found the switch and all was right with the world, so its nearly fool proof, for dumb flyers as myself, hah....

Also note on mine only had to plug in the heli battery to the heli first, then with the throttle down, it binds with the transmitter after several seconds and a few beeps and again this one hovered with no changes right out of the box, nice....

Fine note, is a beep when you plug in the heli battery, then turn on the transmitter takes several seconds and another beep and few seconds wait for final beep and binding complete...has a 3 gyro stable system and works fine. On small inputs it leans forward then moves forward unlike other CP models screaming forward immediately, tho input is quick, the slightest delay helps on the maiden hover experience.

If your one of the ones that goes directly to a CP after the coaxial strongly suggest you have assistance from a seasoned Heli pilot, these are not the timid flyers at all, extremely responsive as designed for immediate response acrobatic flying if you so desire. But simply hovering, scale flying also a treat, you got tiger in the tank now, hold on.....

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