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hoghead...good choice!

A couple of things to check and a warning........

It's used (never seen one that didn't suffer from a bit of abuse), be very diligent about your first look-see. Check all screws for tightness, check for wear on the mixing/washout arms and linkage arms...basically the rotor head assembly should be tight, no slop and responsive. Since it's a ready-to go-on-board gyro system, check the response of the tail with the main blades removed. I'ts not uncommon for an older model to have a motor that's on it's last leg...very critical, an easy replacement.

Outside of the normal TX/RX response things (all electrical connection and compatibility issues) which I'm confident you can manage, the only thing I'd remind you of is.....this little heli is quick...not fast. So, any over reaction/over correction on your part (thumbs) may end up on the floor (expo rates come to mind)......all part of the learning curve.

Have fun...You've picked a heli that there is a ton's of info and parts seem to be available on line at many places.
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