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You may never find an exact fit for the wings without redesigning... You have to identify what kit it was, if it was a kit.

Fortunately the wing is fairly simple on that aircraft.

Yes it can be powered by electric. We now have electric power system choices appropriate for less than 1/2 oz to over 50 lb models. It will be a question of identifying what power system is right for your model.

"Vintage" can mean a lot of things, depending on who you are talking to. I tend to think of 1930's and 1940's models when someone says "vintage". That would make the aircraft Free Flight (90%+ probability if its that old) These can easily be converted to 3 channel in most cases.

If it was originally a 4+ channel RC model then converting to 3 channel can be problematic. You need a new wing so some of the changes needed could be designed into the replacement. That would give a good chance of success but it guarantees you will be building a wing from scratch.

If it was originally a control line model its usually a bad idea to go for less than 4 channels when converting to RC.

So... we need more info about the model. Pictures would help if you don't know exactly which kit (or maybe even ARF) it was.
Its possible it was the one covered in this (other discussion site) thread.
If it is... there's a lot of info available.
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