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Originally Posted by Jackstone View Post
... is the HV 120 a good choice or should I go with a 90 to 100 amp esc, like the instructions on the motor suggest?
That would not be necessary if your setup only draws say 50A.
A setup draws the current it has to draw, even if it would lead to destruction of battery, controller or motor.
At full throttle ESC has no affect on current and power drawn, current is proportional to torque.

Originally Posted by Jackstone View Post
... (2) Venom 5000 mah-22.2v-50c-6s in series. ...
Current drawn is proportional to voltage≤
Power drawn is proportional to voltage≥

Even seemingly small changes in power system (pitch, #blades, voltage, velocity konstant Kv/gearing/⌀wheel and ⌀prop) can have surprisingly expensive effects

The relationships luckily are very simple.
Some expensive realistic and some extremely silly examples, hopefully instructive as well.

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