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I guess you want to be competetive with the IC planes but not loads faster, or they won't let you play with them .

You could always have a standard prop size and maximum tacho reading. The biggest problem I can see there is that it won't let people try different options like larger prop turning slower...but I don't think that's a big deal with a racing class - small prop with high pitch will always rule .

Another alternative that may be practical is a maximum battery size (voltage and capacity). Since I guess you'll probably be flying fixed length races then that will be all you need to limit power. If anyone uses too much power they won't finish the race. If you really wanted to level everything off you could even arrange for batteries to be handed out to competitors at the start of each race so there's not even any possibility of anyone spending a fortune getting super-special batteries.

I'm sure there are plenty of other possibilities .

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