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Originally Posted by jedorme View Post
I'm setting up a JR 6 channel tx in a new Sig Kadet Seniorita with a 6 channel Hitec rx. Using servo leads on chan 2 & 6 to my aileron servos, the left aileron (chan 6) goes to full up or down, depending on how flap switch is positioned, & can't be controlled with aileron stick. How do I get it to go from a flap to an aileron? I can zero it out with the travel adjustment but still no response to aileron stick. Also how do I get both ailerons to work as flaperonswhich the manual says you use travel adjust & dual rate settings to do, but doesn't explain how? I hooked up a Y cord until I could get this 2 channel aileron setup to work, & airplane flies fine that way. But I would like the benefits of individual control, including flaperons. The Sig floats forever if no wind to land against! Thanks for any help.
What 6 Channel JR Radio do you have, comp. or non comp ? model number ? that will help a lot, Take care and Welcome to Wattflyers, Chellie
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