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Hello Dereck - you're right about weight vs. balance these days. I calculated the weight of my 46 sized motor, ESC & 4S4400 Lipo compared to an OS 61 with a full 16 oz fuel tank, & the difference was about 8-10 ozs. And then that weight changes during flight as well. So glad I got into this hobby just when EP was coming into it's own & I didn't have an investment in glow power.

Not long after I soloed, my first real plane build was a Sig LT-25 kit I electrified, & I really appreciated the ply motor mount spacers that I got from another kit (a Sig Seniorita EP) to use for the Sig tail dragger. Wing mounting bolts & a battery hatch were far more of a problem than attaching the motor.

Your added description of the Four Star hatches also helps & I think I understand without troubling you for any other added photos. I did see a Four Star 40 build log on one of those other little sites , & I think I will add what I saw there to your suggestions. Basically I want to build a box frame around the hatch base, with an added center hatch brace, to allow it to drop into a fuse's outer box frame to provide some added rigidity to that area. Also think I will use RE magnets fore & aft to secure the hatch.

I will not only plan to keep you apprised of my V60 build progress, but might even occasionally beg for some needed help or advice when Bruce T is too busy making kits to do so. Who knows, if I don't completely bollux things up, I might even put some build reports online! Cheers,

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