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Oh ya, ARFs have changed the hobby. So did iron-on coverings. And cyano glue. I quite vividly remember it taking DAYS to build a wing. 2 hours of building, 2 days waiting for the Ambroid to dry! Never mind covering with tissue and nitrate dope...

ARFs are good for sales, and can help keep local hobby shops in business, and that can't be bad.
In my experience. ARFs aren't as good as they are made out to be for entry into the hobby. I see lots of people show up at our club field, eager to fly their brand new ARF. After joining the club and MAAC (in Canada), they get set up with an instructor - who often tells them that a scale Corsair makes a poor trainer...

Then there's the Park flyer, who attempts to teach him/herself to fly - at the park - with their new mini foamie. In wind. Around people. Sometimes they succeed. Sometimes... it gets re-kitted the same day. And with no experience at proper repair... Discouraged, they're out of the hobby, often for good.

Then again, if it's just about the money, one can very quickly replace a damaged plane with an ARF, and get back to the field and fly. That's not a bad thing.

The way I see it, a person who builds their own plane has some respect for the time and effort it took to figure out which kit to buy and then build it properly with proper materials. They are quite eager to learn to fly it properly, knowing what's under the covering, and what it might take to repair...

After building a plane. one will gain a bit of experience that is needed to evaluate a good ARF from a bad one. That's a good thing, too.

Just my opinion.
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