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+1 to both of your prior posts!

I've only been in the hobby for four years after I retired, but in that time, among other AC, I have built 2 Sig kits & assembled 2 Sig ARF's. The only problems I have had were with the ARF's where the fault was not with the quality of materials used by Sig but rather poor construction. And this was after my attempting to beef up accessible spots like firewalls, wing joiner areas & landing gear plates. But no such issues with the 2 kits I built.

On top of the reassurances that this gives, there was the more valuable joy I experienced in doing the work & transforming a box of sticks & sheets of wood to an actual flying machine. My initial focus in the hobby was simply learning to fly & to keep my ratio of take offs to landing equal, so I really didn't think about building my models. But I have found that it has been a most enjoyable aspect of the RC world.

So I guess there are just some things that you really can't only look at in terms of cost analysis alone in order to determine if they make sense or not. I looked at the Pulse 60 for example before making the decision to order my Venture 60 kit, and also read postings about potential construction issues with even the Pulse line of airplanes. While these were by no means a major factor, they were just one more reason for me to decided to spend a little more to get not only the opportunity to build a quality aircraft in terms of materials & design, but also to know that as long as I don't screw it up, it will no doubt last a very long time.

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