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Regarding CG position and Radian mods to improve performance. Just thought I'd pass along the link to Paul Naton's Radian modification blog. Paul has been building, tuning, and flying fun and competition RC and full scale gliders for many, many years. He also produces some awesome RC (and full scale) flying videos.
Paul tuned a Radian, moving the CG back 1+ inches and corrected the horizontal stab decalage by a few degrees. Everyone who's followed his suggestions has noticed remarkable improvements. I only did those two suggestions and it does fly better as a motor glider. Before you "dis" on it, try it, and check the videos of the after flying ability.

See it at Glidefast My Parkzone Radian Modifications and Set Ups

There's links to his youtube videos Stupid Parkzone Radian Glider Tricks and the followup Radian Acro Practice
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