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not sure,is it possible you put the props on wrong? if so it is like putting a prop on backwards and she will be anchoring firmly instead of getting lift.one way to check is to power up and feel which way the air flow is going. if it blows on your hand you know to swap all the props. It also sounds like it is brand new...if so ,contact customer service from where walkera was sold. there are times when things don't work right out of the box. I also watched a few youtube vids on the walker 350 pro. so no point in asking if you recalibrated everything.

one thing I still need to do is hook my blade 350qx 2.0 version up to the computer and reprogram the control board. I think it has the problem of not recognizing one or more esc even though everything seems to be ok. I just have to purchase the cable to connect it and will attempt a upgrade version 3.0.
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