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Originally Posted by sorral View Post
Would anyone want to trade?

i recomend tuckin your little guys back in and keep on pluggin away with that heli. I was just as frustrated as you seem to be when i first started. my first 30 flights combined didn't even amount to enough to drain one pack one time because i would crash so quickly. but after a lot of fixes, i got a simulator and a blade 400 as a goal/reward, went through the radds on the simulator several times, practiced for hours, crashed the first helicopter some more, and now i can fly, most of the time.

one thing to remember is that crashing is part of this hobby, so it'll never go away, the intervals just get a little longer when you're a little more experienced. one guy that i know, who is a really good pilot, just stuffed a vibe 50 into the dirt to the tune of 600 bucks, but it's allready rebuilt and he's going at it again today.

so, to summarize, get a sim and stick with it, you'll be happy you did. I know i was.
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