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That is really neet, that some smart people can use a old comp. and make a motor from the cd drive/hard drive to power their planes with and other old pc. parts can be used for chargers and BEC, thats really clever, i wish i had learned a little more electronics, I just know the basics, and it seem very interesting, my son and i did make a simple square wave oscillator , using a 555 chip, and made a custom amp regulator for a hydrogen generator for autos, using 3 NPN 2N3055 15 amp transistors, and regulated each one to only allow 5 amps to pass through it, and connected them up so we only got 15 amps total @ 14.1 volts we were trying to use each transistor at only 1/3 of there output to keep things cool, reason we had to do this, is because the amperage/draw of the hyd. gen. was regulated by the amount of electrolite in the gen, and it was temp. sensitive, and would vary with temp and the electrolite getting weak, so now we can use a lot more electrolite, and the amp draw will always stay the same, one problem solved, BTW this hydrogen generator works great, it uses lead plates, and will double the fuel mileage on most cars @ cruise speeds, we have been working on this project for a few years, it uses distilled water, breaks it into hydrogen and oxygen and is drawn into the eng. with vacume, and has a auto fill water system, and makes hydrogen on demand, we will be selling the plans soon, it can be made with material bought at like home depot and radio shack, take care, Chellie

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