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Originally Posted by Trex View Post
Do I understand this correctly that you use power from the vehicles 12V on board power system to break water into hydrogen (and oxygen) and you feed this into the engine?

Interesting idea but wouldnt it consume more energy to make hydrogen as you gain by burning it?

Hi Trex No it produces more energy, with a cars 12v+ ,although the hydrogen generator is not overunity in its self, there are a lot of things going on here, first you have the added hyd fuel, second the hyd. fuel catalyzes the gasoline and makes it burn 25% more efficient, third you have pure oxygen that makes everything burn better, and the fuel is produced in a vaccume, more volume than if made not in a vaccume, lots of things going on, so your not really getting more energy from just the hydrogen fuel being produced, but from all the other positive events that are taking place with the hyd. fuel and oxygen, its been called brown's gas, Rhode's gas and a few other things, when oxy & hyd gas/vapors are mixed together, the hydrogen that is made, produced these gas savings at cruise speeds only, here is why, it takes only about 8 to 10 hp to maintain your cruise speeds, the hyd produced will make 4 to 5 hp, the gasoline makes up the other 4 to 5 hp, so half of your fuel to maintain cruise speed is made with hyd. for up to a 50% gasoline fuel savings, take care, Chellie

Ps I listed one hyd generator, but mine is much better

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