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Originally Posted by N3CLI View Post

How is yours better? Is it available as a kit?

Hi Fred Its bigger with bigger plates in it, so it makes more gas, it workes under vacume, and has a float switch, hooked to a solenoid valve that draws water into the generator Via vacume to refill the generator as the water is depleated, then turns off, and is a simple design, no electronics to it really other than a amp regulator, at this time we are working with carbon fiber plates, so we can take the lead out of the generator, we will be selling the plans to it, and later maybe the kits, with the carbon fiber plates, still need to do some R&D with the carbon fiber plates, so should know soon if the CF plates will work as well as the lead, we have tried stainless steel, copper, and other metals, and lead so far workes the best, hoping that CF will work as well or better, take care, Chellie
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