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Hi Trex,
Yup, each cell of Lipo was charged by one dedicated charger, look at the picture there are 3 chargers. Each of them has charging voltage 4.2V.

The cost are arround US$7 or US$8, maybe different depend on the country. For example the LM317 is only 20 cents here (Indonesia).
In my case, several parts are recycling from dead electronics equipment, it's make them become cheaper.

Sometime, DIY equipment is'nt worthed compare to ready build one from factory.
But self satisfaction is invaluable, isn't it?
Hmmm, If each voltage reg is set to 4.2 VDC and you have to have a positive and a negative lead to charge " individually" at 4.2 VDC you would short out the cells. If your talking about the 1st 317 reg set at 4.2 and the second 317 reg set at 8.4 and so on , then you could use the the standard strip to plug into the battery. Ive been there done that. If your method is to set each 317 reg 4.2 VDC higher than the other it will charge but with a very inconsistant cell voltage. Not good!. The fact is you cannot charge a 3 cell to 12.60 VDC with 3 positive leads of 4.2 VDC in parallel.
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