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Originally Posted by Ajoe View Post
Base on Lipo Charger designed by Scott Henion

I have made 3 charger combined in single PCB, each charger has output voltage 4.2V.
Cascade them to become Charger fit for 2 or 3 cels Lipo pack.
They have worked well. The transformed that used here has 3 x 8VAC secondary output.
I made something like that last year for my A123 cells. The charge rate was only about 200 Ma, since its purpose was only for balancing the cells. And that balancing worked very well.

As it turns out, balancing only requires that at the end of the charge cycle, each cell in a series string of cells winds up at the proper voltage. that is, 4.2 Volts DC for a LiPo cell, and 3.6 Volts DC for an A123 cell. And, that charger must never allow any cell to ever go over that 4.2 or 3.6 Volts DC value during the charge cycle.

Nowdays you can buy a ready to go charger for less $$$$, but there is some satisfaction in doing it your self.

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