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Originally Posted by rf96816 View Post
Balancing is bad. Charging each cell separately to the right voltage is way better.
Err.. Isn't that exactly what a good balance charger does

It's certainly what my iCharger does, you can see each cell individually coming up to it's final target voltage as the charger does it's stuff.

Modern balance chargers don't balance like old fashioned 'stand alone' balancers i.e. they don't discharge the highest cells to match the lowest cell.

This is a fun project no doubt and 10 years ago when commercial liPo chargers were expensive and not very good, maybe a practical proposition, but lets not pretend it does anything 'better' than a decent modern retail charger. For instance what use is 600ma charge current these days? It would take 10 hours to charge a 4000mAh battery (bear in mind you shouldn't leave it unattended for those 10 hours) ! I could charge that battery in 6 minutes (c rate permitting)
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