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Originally Posted by Panther View Post
Some pics of gear with plastic trunions and old control boards and the leg I fixed yesterday. No point mucking around with control boards as even though the legs look the same, often the control boards are slightly different. Retracts are dirt cheap now to what they used to be so the pain isn't worth it.
ahh, now i see why you ask about drilling without taking it apart. Plastic trunions are
easier to drill out. Didnít know they came in plastic too. Nice pics, thank you. True the
retracts are cheaper now but out of stock almost everywhere. Question is now should
i go with the original Eflite retracts and drill them out or get some more sturdy ones with
5mm pins so i donít have to drill? Only problem is i have to ďmodĒ the place where the
sits because of their bigger size.
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