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Originally Posted by jangodog View Post
Maybe it's because the retract comes from Eflite Viper that runs 6S lipo that they don't work?
But they still run off of receiver / servo voltage.
I try to run my retract planes off of a good solid 6 volt battery. Or a big UBEC, not the BEC found in the speed controls.

I had a cheap UBEC go crazy, sending out all kinds of garbage on top of the output voltage. I must have tested that plane with the retracts a 100 times before the maiden flight. Everything checked out, passed my safety inspection, so I topped off the 2 4s 2200mah batteries in parallel, and waited for my turn.
Turned on the system and everything went nuts, servos were going all over the place, the 3 retracts started cycling separately, gear doors out of sequence of course, which burned out the nose gear. I was too stunned to jerk the power quick enough.
Yes the transmitter was on and correct airplane, this wasn't 30 minutes after the safety check (this club requires it for any new plane going out for it's maiden) This one was a total plans built plane, no kit, should have left it with fixed gear. Nose gear burned out retracted so I couldn't just unplug the gear channel and sequencer.

It has a CC UBEC in it now, but I haven't had a chance to try it again.

Hope you get yours working.
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