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I have small and medium size Retracts ,,,,, even the huge jobs I have for my 93" Lancaster with heavy legs and big wheels work of common sized ESC -BEC or my 4 cell AA NiMh power pack on my cheapo servo tester.

Here's one leg of that Lanc ... sitting on my 15" Notebook .....

So I think somethings wrong with your retracts or set-up.

Retracts do not require big power in fact due to the threaded rod system ... even if they jam - the retracts board should shut off power after a couple of seconds to protect the motor etc. But one item that I have never figured out why retracts do not sort ... its possible to insert leg TOO FAR into trunnion and jam it .. but even so - the auto shut off should work.

I have a feeling that you may have a fault where too high a voltage was passed to the retract when first tested ?

Does your servo tester work OK with servos ??
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