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Originally Posted by JetPlaneFlyer View Post
Sorry but you cant realistically say that amps 'do the work'. If it's true that amps 'do the work' then how much work could the system do with no volts (i.e. replace the battery with a wire)?

Previous comment was 100% correct, Watts is the measure of work rate and Watts is Volts x Amps. You need both volts AND amps (ie Watts) in order for any work to be done because without the volts there will be no amps.
When I was at College and doing Electrical theory AC and DC etc. .... it was put to class as :

Imagine a water pipe with running water.

Volts is the volume at any one instant of water in the pipe.

Amps is the flow rate of the water.

Watts is the total volume x flow rate equating to the work capability.

A very rough way of describing it but fits especially when you consider the old saying :

Mills Kills
Volts Jolts

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