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Default $50 Limit Contest for a Lipo

Cool idea. Reminds me of the contests by Experimentalair. His contests had restrictions of mostly fuselage design. The builder had to use the squared foam tube, or tubes to stuff the electronics into and an Armin wing design. Other than that there was a lot of freedom. His You tube video show all the construction methods and concepts using Dollar Tree store foam core poster board (Readi-board). He tends to leave the paper on for strength, but as any who work with the poster board will know, the paper likes to come off the first chance it gets. His reward was a box of colored packing tape from a specific store. Packing tape is the primary skin for the foam board, other than the paper it comes with.

This contest has more design and material freedom. It is something I would like to get into, but a recent robbery got off with my collection of RC equipment and parts. I don't have RC gear to use, or motor options like before. In short, I will have to start over after I come up with a secure storage structure. Don't have the extra coins at the moment, so it will be a while before I can get back into RC projects.

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