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I think Chellie is being a little pessimistic about the follow up ... but generally I agree.

I used to teach nearly every visit to flight site ... making my day extremely rewarding ... about 50% my time getting another into the air. Not only the 'in-air' but also 'on-ground' stuff as it was the days when glow engines dominated the scene.

I pride myself that most who I taught kept their first machine reasonably intact and second model usually was only damaged due other factors. No joke - I had a knack I suppose of getting people up and running quite quickly. If it was a 3ch trainer ... usually after first day - I had them looking to modify to 4ch ... not being a believer in wallowing about the sky !

A learn it alone person of course is going to have a lot of heart-ache getting through the process .... and I know very well - as I tried it ... then got the message that help was needed. I learnt my flying on slope / ridge soarers where you were keeping the craft aloft by use of the air flow - not power. It helped me a lot. I still to this day reckon a lot of power flyers should try it ...

I can remember my first day launching out ... skimming the slope ... rising up ... shallow dive and up .. over in a nice loop ... skimming along slope again ... after a few more turns, loops, rolls ... nice wide flat turn in behind and let her softly sink to ground just a few feet to side of me. Heart in mouth ... smile so wide I could swallowed an elephant ! Guy who taught me just smiled, little nod of the head and said ... now you can fly - go practice .... there's more yet.

That was the final touch to 'school' - that it doesn't stop ... no matter how well we learn - we still have more to learn.

Sadly John passed away some years ago and I lost a very dear friend, a friend who I never knew until I needed help to fly. There's more to this than just flying a model ...
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