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The last time i crashed, i did not charge my hanger 9 - 80 inch crop duster up for the reciever and put it on a fast charge at the field. It charged for a little bit and then my charger beebed to let me know it was full. I started it up and flew 2 turns around and was doing a touch and go with flaps down ,then coming in at a not to steap angle every thing froze on the plane and hit the ground pretty good . It knocked the motor out and took off part of the fire wall. I check the batteries and they were dead. I then took the battrie out and hooked it up to my charger and it charged for a bit then it beebed, but it beebed to tell my that my 12 volt batterie was dead and could not charge any thing ,daaaaa. from now on i test them before i fly and dont listen to my charger. I put the plane in the closet for a time out and its been there ever since, but i will repair it joe
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