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I concur with everyone that even Masters at the hobby will crash, but only with an act of God!

I too am a self taught RC modeler. I started this hobby way out on left field. What I mean is, I bought a used Airtronics Super Radio for 70 bucks New... I figure I will use it on many airplanes at the same time.. I also bought 3 RX for it.. I bought a handful of servos.. Started collecting .pdf plans here and at rcgroups. I build my very first model and guess what it was? It was a mid prop pusher--- Golem's Plane-Blu F-22 Link---

My first model was home built with free plans..

My very first Kit was E-Flight Funtana 300 I bought on ebay for 20 bucks
The reverse engineering of the Funtana 300

Many other profile builds and plenty of crashes later, I venture into the Ducted fan area..

My second kit was a Sapac 70mm Ducted Fan Gripen.. Yes, that was my second store bought kit.... has 5 flights on it..

I must have saved hundreds by learning to fly with home build models!!

Just chuck it and punch it!
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