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Mmm... Me being a Swede, you know how bad I want that JAS-39 Gripen. Unfortunately, it'll probably be a year (or more) before I'd be ready to fly it.

I was there when a full size one crashed during the Stockholm Water Festival in front of a million spectators back in the 90s. The pilot overcompensated and stalled the aircraft in a way the computer hadn't been programmed to handle, so it pretty much shut down, with is a bad thing in a FBW aircraft. It went into a flat spin and crashed only feet away from the 10,000 spectators standing on the Västerbron bridge. An absolute miracle no one got hurt, as the city was so crowded with festival visitors that it was hard to find a single unoccupied square foot. But the sound of a million people cheering and then suddenly turning silent was an interesting experience...

I'd be interested in knowing how the RC version of it flies, since the full size is inherently unstable and 100% fly-by-wire.
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