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Originally Posted by CHELLIE View Post
AMPS, low voltage less resistance more amps, higher voltage more resistance less amps, its the amps that does the Heavy work. thats why using a switching UBEC is better. most esc/bec are Linear, they use a resistor, and are weak, and not a true Amp rating, switching becs are much better, as they use electronics to govenor the amps and volts better. some ESC have switching Becs, but they have to contend with the heat the ESC generates, thats why its better to have a seperate UBEC, Hope that helps, Chellie

Ahhh, so this would explain why I got better aileron response on the last plane i built (Furious 3D) whenever I used the 2S vs. 3S battery. I thought it was doing better because there was less air being pushed over the wing surface with the 2S but i guess that had nothing to do with it?

BTW Chellie, i just replaced that monster ST .10 motor and 35A ESC with this setup from Head's Up RC: 2408-21-B Brushless Motor & 18 Amp ESC
Do you think it's ok to use a Orange 10x4.7SF prop with a 2S 1350mAh 20C batt on this setup?
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