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Originally Posted by jap71173 View Post
I'm also putting together a Multiplex Funjet... i'm learning to test out the electronics before installing them. I just pluged everything together an ran a 1/2 throttle test for 30 sec with no prop and my motor is getting hot... the esc and batt are cool, any ideas why?

This is what i'm using:
Motor: PKZ4216 1880Kv (it's the F27C Stryker stock motor)
Battery: 3S 1000mAh 30C (same result on a 3300mAh 3S 20C)

P.S. When i add the prop, both the motor and the ESC are getting hot???
you need the cooling air of the prop to help keep the motor cool, also all motors will get hot on the test bench, dont run them for very long. they need that cool crisp air Take care, Chellie
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