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The gauntlet is thrown, eh? I've been plodding along slowly; I'm a college student with no space to work, so I can only make progress when I'm home on break. Despite that, I've got my wing totally done and ready to cover. I went with the vortex wingtips, and was surprised at how easy they actually were. An hour with a wood rasp and X-Acto scoop blade was all it took. Covering them might be a bit more interesting, of course.

I ended up using standard servos - I know the HXT900s have about half the torque rating of a standard servo, so using two of them would give me just as much control authority. However, I've never managed to strip the gears of a standard servo just fiddling with it, which is a statement I can't make about the micros, so I'm comfortable with the 1.5 oz it's going to cost me.

Hopefully I'll get the fuselage done before too long, and I'll certainly let you all know how it goes. I look forward to hearing how yours flies, as well - when I asked for advice a few months ago, I was directed to a 40 amp controller and 35-36c 1100kv motor; that's 60% more power than your combo. Then again, the $20 isn't an issue, and there's only a 1-oz weight difference. The nice thing about electrics is that extra power doesn't really hurt your efficiency if you don't use it.

Did you change the overall fuselage length, or did you just push the firewall forward within the length of the plans? I've got a feeling I'm going to want to do the same thing, even if I decide to go with the heavier motor and ESC.

Anyway, that's a nice looking plane. And I'm glad someone else is doing it first, so I don't have to find out too much by trial and error.
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