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I know this forum subsection doesn't get used much, but I figured a small update might be in order...

We are working on expanding the rights of your casual RC flyer (i.e. park pilot types), and are trying to provide the resources and support so that more individuals can easily use public flying fields - whether they are a member of our club or not. We feel that the existing infrastructure makes it too difficult for individual to fly with friends or at several different locations.

We'd like to see reciprocal agreements between AMA clubs across long island, specifically for allowing members of other clubs to have access to the proper permits to fly at their fields. Thanks to the openness of the NYS parks, our club has the ability to fly at four wonderful locations - Sunken Meadow, Bethpage, Heckscher and Nissequogue. We'd welcome other clubs to join our members as they fly at these various locations, and encourage them to apply for the proper permits from the state. We'd like to see the same gesture made by other clubs. We feel that individuals shouldn't have to be the members of six different clubs just to have a choice on their flying location, or be able to meet up with their buddies. In fact, we feel this turns a lot of people away from the flying field altogether.

In other news, we've switched our primary domain name to something more search friendly. You can now also find us at http://www.LongIslandElectricRCairplanes.com . You will always be able to get to our site by typing in the old address, but the above URL will be what is displayed in the search engines.
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