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I won't go into all of the (why's) related to lack of responses......but it's more than likely related to the type of question(s) and descriptions I stated previously, none of us are mind readers and without actually putting our hands on the damaged quad, any solution to the problem would just be a wild guess!

Part of the problem is also related to the poor quality and lack detailed information provided in the owner's are three examples of owners manuals that each state are for the Hubsan X4....each is different and only one mentions flashing blue LED's, which evidently is related to the accelerometor level calibration....and we wonder why the "inexpensive" toys are so

As far as camera set-ups.....evidently there is a verison of this model that has an on board (video) camera installed and a version without the camera, there are aftermarket attachments also available for both the TX and quad related to FPV......all made by Hubsan and two other companies. These items do not come with a stock Hubsan 4x w/wo best quess with this is web search Hubsan 4x for video details and go from there.

Quite frankly nopeda, the vast majority that would be willing and able to help out, generally will not take the time to weed through the possible remedies to fix your issue because the quad is a "toy", not very dependable, and meant to play with and not a serious investment, meant to throw away once one can no longer repair (fly) or has out grown.

Keep hitting up the RCGroups forum, there are plenty of folks over there that have been through the issues with the Hubsan 4x and have moved onto better "toys"......just search the threads......I did briefly, and came up with several related articles......
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