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Default Turnigy accucel 6 few charging related questions

Hi folks,

I received my accucel 6 charger yesterday and I balance charged lipos succesfully with it. The manual is,well, chinglish and not very informative in some cases.

I have a question regarding charging in different modes.

1) If I charge in FAST mode should I plug in the balance plug aswell?

2) I tried to Fast charge a 1800 mah 3s1p lipo which had 11,3 volts in it already at 1C. After 20 minutes the battery was at ~12,00V. That doesn't seem fast, how long should it take to charge? Note: no balance plug inserted, just the deans plug with bananas.

3) Will the charger make a sound when the chargig sequence is finished?

4) And lastly, can some one tell me which cables do I need to plug in the charger and battery in FAST, Balance, Storage and discharge modes? The manual didn't tell these specifically.

No hurry, take your time.

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